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Return Policy

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Return/Exchange Conditions

The return policy of MARALD S.P.A. allows customers to return purchased products within 20 days of receiving the order.

During this period, customers can return or exchange products that meet the return conditions set out in the return policy.

The 20 days are calculated as follows:

  1. Starting from the date of notification of the stock of the goods in the store (in case of in-store collection option).
  2. Starting from the date of delivery of the goods (in case of express shipping option. NB: In case of non-delivery due to absence of recipient, the effective date is considered starting from the first day of storage at the courier depot).
    To be accepted for return, products must be returned in new and unused condition, with all packaging and sales tags unattached.

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs, unless expressly indicated otherwise when creating the request.

The refund will be made within 20 days of the "Completed" status on your return/exchange request.

In the case of orders with an invoice issued, the exchange can be carried out exclusively at the MARALD S.P.A headquarters at the address [Interporto Campano C A/9 80035, Nola NA].

How to make a return/exchange request

The Return or Exchange procedure starting from 02/14 can be carried out exclusively on the website via the "Returns Management" page accessible only to customers with an account on our e-commerce. (If you don't have an account, you can send an email to [email protected]).

To get started, access the "Returns Management" page and select the order that contains the goods you wish to return. (If you don't see any orders, it means the maximum return period has expired.)
After selecting the order, fill out the request providing reasons, conditions of the goods and the desired resolution.
Make sure you have filled in all the fields carefully and send the request.
Your request will then be placed in "Pending" status waiting to be processed by an operator. You will receive updates on your return request in your personal area, so we invite you to check and update your request if necessary.
If an operator deems it necessary, they can set your request to the "Waiting for further details" status. In this case, you will have to provide further information that will be requested by the operator via the chat in your return request.
If the request is "Accepted", you will have to send the goods to the Marald S.P.A. warehouse. at the address [Interporto Campano C A/9 80035, Nola NA].
The package of returned goods must contain: Returned Goods, Tax Receipt in original format.
You have the possibility to entrust the shipment to Marald S.P.A. with an additional cost of €7 (to be paid in advance in case of exchange) or to book the shipment yourself.
Once the package arrives at the Marald S.P.A warehouse, an operator will examine its contents and update your request with the final outcome.

It is the customer's responsibility to follow the steps for the return request and provide all the information necessary to the operator to complete the procedure.


Returns cannot be made in store


    The item received is wrong, it is completely different from the one ordered, the size is different from the one ordered - Return/exchange shipping costs are our responsibility
    The box was delivered damaged and was returned to the courier during delivery - Return/exchange shipping costs are our responsibility
    The Item is intact and as the one ordered, but no longer to your liking - Return/exchange shipping costs are your responsibility
    The item is intact and the size corresponds to the one ordered, but you want to exchange it - Return/exchange shipping costs are your responsibility

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